Aloha Kiva Kids

Kids Sharing Aloha Through Microlending


Welcome to Aloha Kiva Kids, a Hawaii-based, kids-focused, globally-engaged, micro-lending team that our daughter Keala founded to lend her allowance and other earnings to Kivaʻs entrepreneurs around the world.

Through the Kiva microlending method, kids can lend (NOT give away) to entrepreneurs around the world who need small loans to get their businesses off the ground and out of poverty.

We believe that kids can inspire each other to work in a team spirit to earn money through fun entrepreneurial ventures (e.g. garage sales), learn the transformative power of money,  and make socially responsible decisions about the use of their hard earned money.  Microlending then becomes a way for kids to share the Aloha Spirit globally.

We invite parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and other adults to get involved in Aloha Kiva Kids. Join us as lenders, sponsors, supporters, or volunteers. Whatever your talent, gift, level of expertise, amount of free time, we can use your help.

Contact us and together, we will figure out ways to inspire our kids to compassionate leaders and positive role models for each other.


Vid Raatior & Desha Staley-Raatior
Parents, Educators, Social Entrepreneurs