Aloha Kiva Kids

Kids Sharing Aloha Through Microlending

Get Involved

Doing it the Aloha Kiva Kids way

There are many ways to practice the spirit of Aloha. Here are some suggestions from Aloha Kiva Kids.

Sign Up:  Sign up for a Kiva account and choose Aloha Kiva Kids as your team. When you sign up for a Kiva lender account, you will be prompted to start your first loan (minimum $25). We highly encourage you to get your kid involved in the research and selection of the borrower from any of the registered global entrepreneurs on Kiva.

Sponsor: Don’t have kids of your own? No problem. Consider sponsoring your nephew, niece, cousin by signing up for a Kiva account in their honor. Inspire them to practice Aloha through micro-lending.

Serve: Aloha Kiva Kids team is advised by volunteer parents, uncles and aunties, grandparents, friends, etc.  Whatever talent you have can be put to good use to support the members. Contact us for ways to serve.

Simplify: Live simply so others may simply live. Donate used items to the Aloha Kiva Kids garage sale. 100% of proceeds from the garage sales are added to the participating kids loans on Kiva.

Share:  Spark people’s interest in micro-lending by recruiting your circle of friends, relatives, students, colleagues to become Kiva lenders and join the Aloha Kiva Kids team or any of the other teams on Kiva.