Aloha Kiva Kids

Kids Sharing Aloha Through Microlending

How We Work

Aloha Kiva Kids is a team of kids in Hawaii and worldwide who work together to pool their individual loans to lend out to entrepreneurs around the world through

(1) Sign Up

Anyone, anywhere, any age can join or sponsor a kid on Aloha Kiva Kids. Simply click here to sign up as a lender on Kiva as a member of the Aloha Kiva Kids. You will have the opportunity to start with a $25 loan to any borrower of your kid’s choice.  By counting your loans to Aloha Kiva Kids, the members increase the impact of the individual  loans.  Join Now!

(2) Meet Up

Registered members in the same location can organize meet ups of Aloha Kiva Kids members to discuss activities, plan events, share ideas, and get training on social entrepreneurship, etc. Members are encouraged recruit new members. For every new member you recruit, Kiva will reward you with a $25 credit that YOU can use to lend to any borrower of your choice. Meet Up Now!

(3) Sell Goods

Throughout the year, Aloha Kiva Kids members will sponsor entrepreneurial activities such as multi-family garage sales, bake sales, create an online store, Holiday Cards designs, t-shirt sales, matching funds, etc. These money-making ventures teaches the members the value of hard work, team work, leadership, and responsibilities. Money that the kids make will go into their individual accounts on Kiva to lend out or withdraw. Sell Now!

(3) Lend Out

Aloha Kiva Kids members are individual lenders who ALWAYS have full control of who they lend to. For greater impact, the members will have the opportunity to vote on which borrower to sponsor as a team. Members can each lend either the minimum $25 or more if they have funds in their account.  By pooling individual loans together, the members make a greater impact on lifting global entrepreneurs out of poverty. Lend Now!