Aloha Kiva Kids

Kids Sharing Aloha Through Microlending

Keala Raatior

Founder, Aloha Kiva Kids

Keala is currently at Main Street Elementary School in Soquel, California. She founded Aloha Kiva Kids, a kiva lending team while attending Chiefess Kapiolani Elementary School in Hilo, Hawaii. She has received several awards each quarter including Positive Attitude Award, Honor Roll, Principal’s Honor List, but her most notable achievements were announced at Kapiolani’s End-of-the-Year Assembly on May 29, 2014. She received the Ka’imi Na Auao Award (for being a Seeker of Knowledge this school year) sponsored by the Parent Teacher Organization, and the Legislative Award (for trying their best and having “heart”) sponsored and presented by the late Senator Gilbert Kahele, a Kapiolani alum. Keala is in Girl Scouts, plays volleyball, and loves lend to Kiva. Visit her Kiva lending account:

Keala-awardsState of Hawaii

The Senate Honors and Commends

Chiefess Kapiolani Elementary School.

The Senate of the State of Hawai’i is proud to recognize outstanding students, whose dedication and determination serve as role models in their schools and hence play an important role and contribute postively to their community.

At times, students that consistently demonstrate dedication and respect for their school community go unrecognized, even though they may regularly take it upon themselves to perform simple acts of kindness, make efforts to be punctual, complete their homework and try their very best to serve as an example of others. In short, these students have “heart.” Keala Raatior, a second grader at Chiefess Kapiolani Elementary School, is one of these students.

The Senate of the Twenty-Seventh Legislature of the State of Hawai’i, hereby recognize and applauds Keala Raatior as an outstanding student of Chiefess Kapiolani Elementary School and extends its warmest Aloha and best wishes as she continues on her educational success.

Done this 29th day of May 2014, State Capitol, Honolulu, Hawai’i


Gilbert Kahele, Sponsoring Senator
Donna Mercado Kim, President of the Senate
Carol Taniguchi, Clerk of the Senate