Aloha Kiva Kids

Kids Sharing Aloha Through Microlending

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Join-Get-25-Creditn1.jpgParents Inspire the Kid

It’s all about the kid. Instead of saving his/her allowance in a piggy bank where it accumulates dust, inspire your child to lend her/his earnings to entrepreneurs around the world through Kiva. Kiva distributes your child’s loan to the borrower(s) of your kid’s choice around the world through Kiva’s global field partners. Borrowers repay your child through Kiva, Kiva returns your child’s money to his/her account, and the child can choose another borrower or withdraw it.

n2Join Our Team

All Kiva lenders make their own choices on the amount to lend (minimum $25) and to which borrower to give that small loan.  Kiva lenders can also join any number of the Lending Teams on Kiva to pool their funds to pool their funds to make a greater impact.  Aloha Kiva Kids is one of the many teams on Kiva that you can join. Join Aloha Kiva Kids Now.

n3Make it Fun to Earn & Lend

Members of Aloha Kiva Kids will plan and implement some fun activities to earn money for their Kiva lending accounts. In Hilo, HI, our signature events are the occasional Aloha Garage Sales planned throughout the year on an early Saturday morning. Kids and parents will choose items from their home (kitchenware, school supplies, clothes, books, toys, furniture, tools, etc) to sell off in the multi-family garage hosted at one of the members home.   100% of the proceeds from the garage sales go directly to the participating families for their kid(s)ʻ lending accounts controlled fully by the parents. No money is ever given to Aloha Kiva Kids.